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Past events

International Passive House Summer Camp 2015

1.6.2015 - 13.6.2015

ENTRANCE FEE - €2,995 per person

Is it possible to successfully integrate education, entertainment and beautiful nature? See for yourself and join us on International Passive House Summer Camp 2015 with training in the Certified Passive House Designer programme and sitting the exam for the internationally recognized accreditation.by world-class experts. in the Certified Passive House Designer programme and sit the exam for the internationally recognized accreditation. training will take place in the renowned "Garden of Ireland" National Park where you will experience breath-taking scenery with hosted parties and your own recreational time.

eceee 2015 Summer Study on energy efficiency

1.6.2015 - 6.6.2015

The Summer Studies are the backbone of eceee's ambition to deliver comprehensive evidence-based information on all aspects of energy efficiency. The Summer Study offers a mix of peer-reviewed quality paper presentations, informal sessions set up by participants on the spot, inspiring keynotes and just plain round-the-clock networking. All is fuelled by the energy of hundreds of participants who are passionate about energy efficiency and want to learn and share experiences.

ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum

30.5.2015 - 1.6.2015

ENTRANCE FEE - $ 1,100

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) hold 9th Annual ACEEE Energy Efficiency Finance Forum.

The GREENPOWER renewable energy fair

26.5.2015 - 28.5.2015

GREENPOWER is an international trade fair dedicated to renewable energy involving events, seminars and conferences and also a meeting of representatives of all sectors of renewable energy sources. The three new events this year will make their début at the trade fair: Conference “Energy. 21”, exhibition InnoPower and exhibition E-MOBILITY.

WTER VI. - 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation

25.5.2015 - 28.5.2015


Bridging the World of Energy Regulation

The World Forum on Energy Regulation is the world's foremost conference in energy regulation. It was created as a cooperative effort by the world's main regional regulatory associations. It aims at providing a venue where energy regulators and other energy market stakeholders may discuss issues and experiences of common interest.

EURO-2015 Construction


4th Edition of the International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency

Conference "Healthy buildings 2015 Europe"

18.5.2015 - 20.5.2015

‘Stepping beyond traditional boundaries, (re)creating healthy buildings’. As we spend around 90% of our time indoors and exposure therefore is high a good (healthy) indoor environment is important. Though we have come a long way there is still ample room for improvement.