WTER VI. - 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation

25.5.2015 - 28.5.2015

Istanbul, Turkey

WTER VI. - 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation

Bridging the World of Energy Regulation

The World Forum on Energy Regulation is the world's foremost conference in energy regulation. It was created as a cooperative effort by the world's main regional regulatory associations. It aims at providing a venue where energy regulators and other energy market stakeholders may discuss issues and experiences of common interest.

The forum will be an opportunity to compare energy regulations on a global scale. Similar problems are everywhere, but solutions are different. The four-day forum aims to develop a common approach to energy regulation by bringing together developed and developing countries to discuss issues and experiences of common interest.

There will be 24 sessions, including six general and two special sessions:

  • Balancing Stakeholders' Interests
  • Benefitting from Change
  • Regulation and Sustainability - Renewable energy, climate change
  • Towards Smart Regulation
  • Regulatory rules, impact of fuel mix change on markets, capacity building
  • Efficient market monitoring, regulating state-owned companies, demand-side impact on energy market
  • Special Plenaries: Regulation in Developing Countries; G20

Who should attend?
Regulators, policy makers, academics, professionals, technicians and managers of energy companies, consultants, lawyers, NGOs, all professionals interested in energy and energy regulation

Registration fees: € 900 or € 1,100 by category of participant; group registration possible

More information and registration HERE.