UCEEB, a new member of the German network Effizienzhaus Plus

UCEEB, a new member of the German network Effizienzhaus Plus

In June 2017 the CTU's University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB) has become the first Czech member of the German initiative Netzwerk Effizienzhaus Plus, which supports efficient energy use in buidings. The credit goes to the director Lukas Ferkl. 

The Effizienzhaus Plus network has already supported 39 projects in Germany thanks to the Federal Ministry of the Environment co-financing and is known for its intensive transfer of research findings into practice in the field of energy efficient buildings.

During summer intense negotiations about the support of energy efficient houses were led not only in Germany but also at Czech ministries. On 17 October 2017, a bilateral meeting of Czech and German partners will be held at the UCEEB, where specific form of cooperation will be finalized.

The goal of the joint activities is to promote good construction practice and to demonstrate in the pilot projectss that energy efficient buildings are not only technologically feasible but also aesthetically valuable, fit well into the cultural environment and provide all modern comfort to their residents.

Currently CTU researchers in cooperation with their German colleagues are preparing the first demonstration building - the construction of Primary School and Nursery School in Postrekov, West Bohemia - which is expected to kick off next year.