May we share energy on internet?

May we share energy on internet?

This has already happened to information. We have moved from centralised production to a world in which more and more citizens have the opportunity to create, share and sell information.

Alex Huang, NC State University professor, develops technologies that turn energy buyers into producers and distributors.

Professor´s concept represents a complete change in thinking about energy issues, which enables internet technology. He is raising questions, if energy can be produced, sold, distributed and owned by everyone.

The system described by Alex Huang is called the energy internet, and it is already being referred to as the next industrial revolution. However, many challenges have to be resolved before this revolution can happen.

Huang recently received a grant of $146 million from the United States Department of Energy to develop the technology needed for the energy internet.

The energy internet could create business that we may not even be able to imagine now. The energy internet will certainly create new business, characterised by resource sharing and prioritising the customers´ needs.

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