Improve clean energy investment and policy planning with RETScreen

Improve clean energy investment and policy planning with RETScreen

RETScreen is free-of-charge decision support software for energy efficiency, renewable energy and cogeneration project feasibility analysis as well as ongoing energy performance analysis. RETScreen is one of REEEP's early investments into improving the knowledge tools available to decision makers in the clean energy field.

It is provided by the Government of Canada as part of Canada’s recognition of the need to take an integrated approach in addressing climate change and reducing pollution. RETScreen is a proven enabler of clean energy projects worldwide. RETScreen significantly reduces the costs (both financial and time) associated with identifying and assessing potential energy projects. These costs, which arise at the pre-feasibility, feasibility, development, and engineering stages, can be substantial barriers to the deployment of Renewable-energy and Energy-efficient Technologies (RETs). By helping to break down these barriers, RETScreen reduces the cost of getting projects on the ground and doing business in clean energy.

RETScreen = determining the viability of the project

RETScreen allows decision-makers and professionals to determine whether or not a proposed renewable energy, energy efficiency, or cogeneration project makes financial sense. If a project is viable—or if it is not—RETScreen will help the decision-maker understand this: quickly, unequivocally, in a user-friendly format, and at relatively minimal cost. 600 colleges and universities worldwide use RETScreen. One of RETScreen was also used in the European Union projects to analyse Kosovo’s energy potential for wind energy, small hydro, biomass cogeneration, solar water heating, and solar photovoltaic. Natural Resources Canada's CanmetENERGY, in a recent bulletin, describes several new examples of using RETScreen system in different sectors and features examples from Canada's York University.

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