Horizon 2020 SME Instrument: 6 lessons learnt from the first evaluation

Horizon 2020 SME Instrument: 6 lessons learnt from the first evaluation

The SME Instrument (a tool to support SMEs) is one of the most attractive options for financing small and middle-sized businesses in the program Horizon 2020. That corresponds with the amount of received applications; therefore only the best ones may be chosen. The deadline for submitting your application is as early as March 18th 2015. If you wish to be successful, mind these recommendations of the European Commission while preparing your application.

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Most of the unsuccessful applications typically had:

  • Too much focus on the project itself rather than on the business opportunities;
  • Not very convincing description of the organization and the reason why your organization will succeed compared to the competition;
  • Insufficient description of competition solutions;
  • Low level of innovation, an effort to develop a product that already exists on the market;
  • Presentation of an idea without a further description of its commercialization;
  • Just trying luck.

For the area of energy efficient buildings are currently opened these following topics: "Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for a low carbon energy system" and "Boosting the potential of small businesses for eco-innovation and a sustainable supply of raw materials". For more information about the opened calls please see the participants’ portal of the European Commission HERE and HERE

The option of financing from the program Horizon 2020 including the tools for SME we also presented at the BEFFA seminar (see the presentation enclosed to the related news).