EEB-CZ visited Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

EEB-CZ visited Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

'Smart City Expo World Congress', the summit of smart cities organised by Fira de Barcelona between 17th – 19th November, gathered together the urban solutions experience of 500 cities from the five continents. 465 exhibitors and more than 400 international speakers took part in the fifth edition of the fair, which closed its doors this Thursday with a record figure of 14,000 visitors.

 Within the next 10 years, 70 percent of the world's population will live in urban areas. Cities are facing dramatic social, economic and environmental challenges. To keep pace, they are seeking more efficient ways to manage infrastructure and processes and offer sustainable citizen services, as waste management, public lighting, public transportation, security services, parking solutions and comfortable housing.

According to the participating experts, the congress has been highlighted as "a really valid platform for knowledge and experience exchange". Besides the congress, the Smart City Expo event also offered a large trade fair with a several hundreds of exhibitors, including all major innovative cities (i.e. Singapore, New York, London, and plenty of others) and private innovative companies of all sizes (i.e. Microsoft, Cisco, SAP etc.).

The whole event was accompanied by a series of side events. One of the novelties of this fifth edition was the participation of BcnRail, the railway services' international event. Another novelty of this year's Smart City congress was the participation of Chile. Through the public organisation ProChile, the South American country presented six technological innovations from six different Chilean companies.

'Smart City' 2016 congress to be held in other cities

'Smart City Expo World Congress' has been held in Barcelona for five years and become the main international point of reference in terms of innovative technology and urban solutions. According to its director, Ugo Valenti, the congress "is a really valid platform for knowledge and experience exchange". In 2016, the summit will also be held in: Istanbul, Turkey; Puebla, Mexico; and Kyoto, Japan.

For more information about this year’s Smart City Expo, click HERE.