For policy makers

For policy makers and public administration

EEB-CZ helps Czech stakeholders to get their voice heard in Brussels - collaborating with Czech ministries and other national authorities and preparing positions. Through the membership in several expert groups EEB-CZ facilitates contacts between energy efficient construction community and policy-makers so that they can enhance their capacity to involve more effectively in European Research Area and strategic European projects and influence the development of European policies in this area.
In particular, EEB-CZ:
  • is a single contact point for the field of energy efficient construction in the Czech Republic, a partner of public administration for strategic decision-making in the filed.
  • creates and presents position documents in relation to drafted legislation on national and European level.
  • provides analytical data for informed decision-making in the field.
  • represents national professional interests on the EU level and serve as a mediator for discussion about strategic development of energy efficient construction EU policies.
  • supports participation of Czech experts in international networks and strategic EU projects and enhance its importance for Czech Republic.
  • informs national stakeholders about international mobility opportunities for early-stage and experienced researchers in European Research Area.