For international partners

EEB-CZ is seeking international partnerships to strengthen our impact and build on synergies. The main benefits of international cooperation for potential partners include:
  • Through EEB-CZ and partner institutions, you can gain access to Czech research institutions and private companies.
  • EEB-CZ helps you find project partners with the necessary expertise and experience. All partners are verified through recommendations within EEB-CZ.
  • You can prepare joint projects with EEB-CZ or join existing consortia.
  • EEB-CZ helps organize events, select key speakers from the Czech Republic and promote events on the website and via the channels of other platforms.
  • Promote your institution through EEB-CZ and strengthen your impact in the Czech Republic.
  • EEB-CZ presents Czech positions on EU policies. We can help with invitations of Czech professionals to international panels, workshops, or policy roundtables.
Contact us to discuss cooperation.