Workshop on Integrated Design



This workshop will present the experience of projects using integrated design, its benefits, contribution to the reduction of life cycle costs. It will also address policy recommendations. There is also a site visit with a lecture How integrated design leads to NZEB.


  • Lessons learned from projects: How Integrated Design leads to reduced life cycle costs!
  • Policy recommendations: Implementation of the action beyond the project period.
  • Site visit of Aspern IQ: Visitation and on-site lecture on How Integrated Design led to a NZEB.

Target Group

  • real estate developers
  • investors
  • public authorities
  • policy makers
  • contracting facilitators
  • engineering experts
  • financial experts
  • associations in field of architecture, life cycle costs, real estate, etc.

This is a common event between IEE projects MaTrID and AIDA.

More info HERE.