Vienna Energy Forum 2015 (VEF 2015)

18.6.2015 - 20.6.2015

Vienna, Austria

Vienna Energy Forum 2015 (VEF 2015)

The Vienna Energy Forum is a biennial, global and multi-stakeholder forum with a mandate of exploring 21st century developmental challenges from the perspective of sustainable energy and providing a platform for debate on practical solutions to these challenges for leaders, policy makers and energy practitioners. The VEF brings together all sectors of society and participants from all over the world.

The thematic focus of the VEF 2015 will be “Sustainable Energy for Inclusive Development”. The VEF is expected to generate concrete inputs for the anchoring of sustainable energy for inclusive development and for the successful conclusion of a comprehensive and effective climate agreement. The VEF 2015 will bring together over 1500 participants, including heads of State, ministers, energy experts, representatives of international and non-governmental organizations, academia, civil society and the private sector.

The examples of the main session’s themes:

  • Sustainable Energy for Productive Capacities
  • Business Models and Smart Policies for Scaling up Renewable Energy
  • Regional Strategies to Sustainable Energy and Best Practices
  • Sustainable Energy and Climate Change - Road to COP 21
  • The Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency - Energy Efficiency Accelerators
  • Sustainable Cities - Global Driver
  • New and Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Sustainable Energy

More information and registration (by Jun 4, 2015) HERE.