Sustainable Places 2014

1.10.2014 - 3.10.2014


The event has been named “Sustainable places”, to emphasize its wide scientific focus. It indeed aims at covering all the topics of interest in the Energy-efficient Buildings Public-Private Partnerships (EeB PPP): e.g. renewable production, energy storage, construction materials, retrofitting, renewal etc.

The primary objective of “Sustainable places” is to regroup actors from the EeB value chain in order to disseminate the projects’ achievements and development plans.

Besides, “Sustainable places” ambitions to become a reference event, for stakeholders to access up-to-date information, assess outcomes from the most advanced research and innovation projects & initiatives, discuss possible synergies, and envision possible standards evolution.

As agreed with the European Commission, the Sustainable places events will be organised with a “no benefit-no loss” objective. Registrations will be offered “at cost”.

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