Sustainable Built Environment 2016 - Transition Zero Conference

7.4.2016 - 8.4.2016

Utrecht, the Netherlands

The conference is hosted by the Centre of Expertise Smart Sustainable Cities of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, in partnership with six Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences and the Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI).

The SBE16 Utrecht conference aims to rally technology transition professionals in urban sustainability around a number of hot issues in order to exchange international best practices in urban sustainability: ‘TRANSITION ZERO: From Demonstrations to large-scale NET-Zero Refurbishment’.

The four conference topics are:

  • Upscaling: from prototypes and concepts to market introduction, financial models & business models and strategy to mass market
  • Circular processes: models & materials, construction chains, eco-materials and embedded energy
  • Small urban area: improving systems, 0-impact areas related to energy, water & materials, participation of inhabitants and quality of life
  • Governance: legislation & policies, European chances, stakeholder involvement & alignment, impact of local/national authorities.

For more information about the programme, registration and fees click here.