e-nova 2014: Sustainable Buildings (Supply – Use – Integration)

13.11.2014 - 14.11.2014


At present the basic conditions for the building sector are changing in many ways. According to EU directive 2012/27/EU, by the middle of 2014 all the member states of the EU have to implement an energy efficiency act. The draft bill of the Austrian government calls for fundamental adjustment measures in the building sector. The changing situation concerning subsidies and the market in general, as, for example, with regard to the integration of renewable energies, plays an important role as well. Last but not least, research programmes in this area have also been restructured and reorganised. The new framework programme for research and technical development of the European Union (HORIZON 2020) contains many links to the building sector. On a national level, the programme "City of the Future" is followed by the programme "House of the Future". Therefore the focus has shifted from the building to the quarter, the district or even the whole city.
In this challenging environment it is important to look at buildings as part of a complete system and to optimise them economically and ecologically, thus maximizing their functionality and comfort for the user.

Main topics of the congress:

Heating and Cooling - Supply
Heating and Cooling - Integration
Heating and Cooling - Consumption
REAct - Renewable Energy & Efficiency Action
REAct - Comfort for Living
REAct - Air for Living
Improvement of Existing Buildings
Smart Energy
klimaaktiv - Constructing and Renovating
Power Storage
Thermal Storage

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