Brightest! Greenest! Buildings Europe 2015

10.6.2015 - 11.6.2015

Brightest! Greenest! Buildings Europe 2015

The second edition of the only international virtual trade fair for green buildings dedicated to the whole of Europe, which showcases the sustainable construction projects in Europe. You can exhibit your sustainable construction solutions across Europe to the right attendees in a time and cost efficient manner.
Attendance is free. By 17 April 2015 discounts for exhibitors.

Brightest! Greenest! Buildings brings together, in a cost efficient manner, the greenest building investors, designers, consultants, assessors, technology, materials and other solution providers and the many other important stakeholders in a two day virtual trade fair; saving money and eliminating travel time, construction, logistics, and associated carbon emissions with physical meetings and trade exhibitions.

Attendees can quickly and effectively visit numerous exhibitors, engage in verbal conversations, exchange instant messages, and attend interesting conferences. They will discover innovations enabling the best green building projects and exchange contact information with Europe’s most active Green Building Professionals.

Highlights from the first edition in 2014: 1512 registered attendees from 36 European countries plus 39 countries from the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia; 71 exhibit stands representing 26 European countries; 1, 9 million Twitter recipients impacted via 206 Twitter contributors over both days.
The event target is to reach 5000 participants and 250+ exhibitors representing both strong and upcoming markets for green construction across Europe.

More information and registration HERE.