Balancing the "Energy Economy"



Can Europe find the ideal energy mix?

Europe is facing an energy crisis. With tough carbon reduction targets, efforts to secure energy supply and mounting political uncertainty, energy has become a critical issue for governments, businesses, civil society and European citizens.
In this context, Science|Business is organising a conference that will gather leaders from the European academic, business and policy worlds to discuss the following issues.

Organizing conference „Balancing the „Energy Economy“ is a unique opportunity to involve all spheres in seeking solutions to the issue of energy self-sufficiency, efficiency and effectiveness. It will be discussed major topics in the field of energy, such as:

  • How can the new Commission co-operate across functions to ensure progress?
  • What mechanisms can achieve real breakthroughs in resolving the energy trilemma?
  • What incentives to embark on new energy infrastructure projects? Is the public on side?
  • What are the key enablers and barriers to investment in the energy sector?
  • Energy efficiency - the most obvious, and the cheapest, solution?
  • What role for new technologies to achieve system efficiencies?

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