Who we are

We connect Czech scientist and private companies with Europe

The Energy Efficient Buildings Platform (EEB-CZ) was established at the Czech Technical University in Prague as a support infrastructure for Czech researchers and innovative private companies. We bring energy efficiency experts together as a community to enhance their visibility within Europe. Through this community, we: 

  • actively reinforce national priorities in the European policy making process,
  • identify suitable project partners,
  • develop project proposals from innovative ideas,
  • support active projects,
  • improve the transfer of information from international structures to domestic research and academic organizations,
  •  and seek international mobility for researchers.

We cooperate with representatives of EU institutions, European offices, platforms and networks, and national experts in the field of energy efficient buildings.

EEB-CZ platform has been supported under the project “Support of International Research Profiling of the Czech Republic in Energy Efficient Buildings” financed from LE-EUPRO II, programme of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to support Czech participation in EU framework programmes.