What does EEB-CZ do?

EEB-CZ brings energy efficiency experts together as a community to increase their visibility in Europe. Through this community, EEB-CZ proactively reinforces Czech national priorities in the European policy-making process, identifies suitable project partners, builds project proposals from innovative ideas, supports active projects, improves the transfer of information from international structures to domestic research and academic organizations, and seeks international mobility for researchers.

EEB-CZ cooperates with representatives of EU institutions, European offices, platforms and networks, and national experts in the field of energy efficient buildings.

EEB-CZ activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Projects (opportunities, proposal preparations, consultations)
  • Networking and partner search
  • Lobbying for Czech interests in the EU
  • Channelling information and new trends in the field
  • Providing information about mobility grants to students
  • Organizing workshops

What’s in it for international partners?

  • Through EEB-CZ and partner institutions, you can gain access to Czech research institutions and private companies.
  • EEB-CZ helps you find project partners with the necessary expertise and experience. All partners are verified through recommendations within EEB-CZ.
  • You can prepare joint projects with EEB-CZ or join existing consortia.
  • EEB-CZ helps organize events, select key speakers from the Czech Republic, and promote events on the website and via the channels of other platforms.
  • Promote your institution through EEB-CZ and strengthen your impact in the Czech Republic.
  • EEB-CZ presents the Czech position on EU policies. We can help you invite Czech professionals to international panels, workshops, or policy roundtables.

Contact us to discuss cooperation.

Who stands behind EEB-CZ?

EEB-CZ works in cooperation with representatives of EU institutions, European offices, platforms and networks, and energy efficient building experts. We also with collaborate with relevant research centres that are financially supported by Structural funds, Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations.

The EEB-CZ team is located at the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings (UCEEB, www.uceeb.cz), a newly built research centre at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

What does “energy efficient buildings” mean? What topics/fields does it include?

Energy efficient buildings topic combines knowledge from various fields, such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, architecture, and ICT, with the view of building and renovating buildings with efficient energy consumption that are both environmentally friendly and pleasant to live in.

Further to the construction of new energy efficient buildings, we focus also on:

  • Retrofit existing buildings
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Produce energy savings
  • Increase effective use of heat and energy

EEB covers the following areas:

  • Advanced materials and technologies
  • Intelligent monitoring of utilities in buildings
  • eEnergy modelling
  • Use of natural materials, recycling, eco-design
  • Decentralized and renewable energy sources for buildings
  • Health and productivity in low-energy houses
  • Composite construction systems