Postdoctoral position in Thermal Energy Storage for Building Applications

Chalmers University of Technology

Délka trvání: 1 rok
Pozice: First Stage Researcher (R1), Rec
Země: Gothenburg, Sweden
Platnost do: 8.7.2017

This project aims at developing practical tools for integrated planning of solutions for demand side management of thermal energy for heating and cooling of buildings. Efforts invested in improvement of energy efficiency of buildings have made low-grade thermal energy surpluses more pronounced at various temporal and spatial scales in urban areas. Internal heat gains resulting from occupants’ activities in buildings, solar heat gains and free cooling by night ventilation are examples of low-grade thermal energy sources that could be utilized to shift the peak demands in both single buildings but also between the buildings through thermal grids. Solutions can be found in intermediate storage of thermal energy in the building’s structure, accumulator tanks or ground heat storage systems.

This is a full-time position for one year with a possibility of extension to two years in total. The working time of post-doctoral staff is mainly devoted to research and might include undergraduate teaching duties, not exceeding 20% of the total working time. The overall performance of the candidate will be evaluated after the first year. A satisfactory performance is a condition for the extension of the position to the second year.


A PhD in mechanical or civil engineering, applied physics or other relevant field to the description is required. Background in at least one of the following research areas will be preferred: modeling of energy use in buildings, heat distribution networks, building control systems and optimization methods. Ability to initiate new research collaborations, work in a team and be open for the application of results is important. Proofs of good communication and numerical modelling skills are mandatory, as well as good command of English.