Postdoctoral position in Microgrids and smart energy buildings

Chalmers University of Technology

Délka trvání: -
Pozice: Recognised Researcher
Země: Gothenburg, Sweden
Platnost do: 28.4.2017

This position will include research activities mainly in a project funded by Göteborg Energy AB (GEAB) within the collaboration program between Chalmers University of Technology and GEAB. The postdoc will cooperate in research activities with other parallel research projects in the area of microgrids at Chalmers and will also be expected to participate in teaching activities at the division.

This project will develop a platform for the energy management system for smart energy buildings with own renewable energy based production and energy storage devices. The project aims at developing methods for improving the efficiency of energy uses in buildings, reducing total energy demands in buildings without compromising the level of comforts of customers. The project also aims at improving the operation of distribution networks with smart energy buildings, increasing renewable energy hosting capacity, as well as reducing the needs for distribution grid investment.