PDEng trainee Smart Energy Buildings and Cities

Eindhoven University of Technology

Délka trvání: 2 roky
Pozice: Post-master student
Země: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Platnost do: 31.12.2016

The Department of the Built Environment of the Eindhoven University of Technology offers you a trainee position to follow a two-year post-master technological designer program, which leads to the degree of 'Professional Doctorate in Engineering' (PDEng).

 The Smart Energy Buildings & Cities (SEB&C) PDEng program wants to contribute to the transition to an energy-positive built environment in which indoor environmental quality is optimized for health, comfort and/or productivity. To achieve these goals a transdisciplinary approach is required which:

  • addresses technological solutions for energy generation, storage, distribution and demand reduction, and
  • integrates and optimizes these in design, construction and operation of new and existing buildings.

This requires technical designers who are able to work in a multidisciplinary environment and know how to communicate with different disciplines and stake holders. This PDEng program educates trainees to become those technical designers! Please note that this program is about technological design, i.e., the process of solving problems by means of a technological design, this in contrast to (PhD) research, which is the process of understanding problems.