Marie Sklodowska-Curie Early Stage Researcher: Cabin design to enhance customer experience but also reduce weight and costs, building on our VR Hyperspace experience

University of Nottingham

Délka trvání:
Pozice: First Stage Researcher
Země: London, United Kingdom
Platnost do: 23.4.2017

Virtual reality (VR) technologies are being exploited by the travel and tourism industry to encourage more journeys and to enhance the experience of travelling, as well as the final destination. However there is little empirical work and sound evaluation of the many issues related to the use of such technologies (VR-induced symptoms and effects, sickness, eye-strain, physical discomfort, etc.) which have a fundamental impact on use and especially in an aviation context (turbulence, connectivity, safety, reliability, etc.). There is also the opportunity to extend current applications to make a breakthrough in these technologies by develop multi-sensory virtual reality with other forms of 3D media to provide immersive and social experiences for passengers.

The project is part of INNOVATIVE (‘The Integration of Novel Aerospace Technologies’) which is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Doctoral Programme led by the Institute for Aerospace technology. INNOVATIVE enables the exploration of game-changing and disruptive technologies, materials, methods and processes for the aerospace sector AND their impact and interactions in the context of the interdependences in the aerospace industry spanning cost, weight, energy and the environment, and the human experience and safety.